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Kurow of the Moon Tribe, Quince of Lepus

"You're you, dude, no matter what. Don't forget it!"

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Name:Kurow (Quince works too!)
Once upon a time, there was a moonkid who fulfilled the destiny he was born to accomplish, though his life was cut short in its completion. As his spirit was about to depart for the afterlife, he was approached by a Judge from a distant, dying world and offered the chance to live once more, in exchange for his memories, as well as participation in their games, which would allow him to earn back those cherished pieces of himself. After some thought, he accepted, the desire to fulfill a promise overcoming what misgivings he had.

Thus, guided only by the advice that he was himself no matter what, Quince of Lepus took part in the games of Sabra La Tau, slowly earning back his past and doing his best to be of use to his fellow blanks, especially those who also flew the banner of the hare and the unicorn. Even earned a pet puppy of his own, though he didn't learn she was a girl until later. There were good games - art contests, charades, exploration of people's hearts. There were bad games - rescuing drowning teammates, death matches. But he approached them all with the firm resolve that it had to be worth it in the end, for why else would he have willingly given up his memories except for something important?

Still, his fellow blanks got on the bad side of the local royalty, and when he learned that if nothing was done they would all be left for dead, of course he agreed to fight during the final battle, if only to ensure his own survival. Prom came and went, and though the fight was tough, though he was forced to draw his flutesaber against his brainwashed partnerteammate, the King was overthrown, the Messenger ascended, memories were restored to all, and wishes were granted.

Kurow's only wish was to be able to continue to live his life, without his mission hanging over his head. It was easily granted - his life was now his as he saw fit to live it. He also reaped the benefit of others' wishes as well - the ability to talk to and visit anyone who had gone through Sabra La Tau whenever he wanted, good luck, even membership in a boxing club, though he's not sure what that is.

Everyone flew away from the dying planet on the Starship Enterprise, and after some time, Nippon was located, and Kurow returned home, eager to see a certain Scholar again, and perhaps a certain godly puppy as well. His dreams for the future aren't set in stone yet - though going on that date is a start, of course - but why worry? He now has his whole life ahead of him, and he intends to live it to the fullest.

[This is a roleplay journal for Kurow from Okamiden, also known as Quince, from after the events of Sabra La Tau. His journal there was [ profile] lunarwings.]
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